Why “just ship it” is the worst expression in marketing

When I was back in agency land I’d hear the phrase “just ship it” mentioned all the time, in presentations, blog posts and conversations with other specialists. It felt like a battle cry, a valiant call to complete projects against all odds.

But now I see things differently.

Since moving client-side I’ve come to appreciate that “just ship it” is not realistic for the way the majority of businesses work. Worst of all, it can serve as a form of marketing hara-kiri completely derailing the potential of projects or increasing the risk of a critical mess that can’t be easily cleaned up.

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What to do when your writing fails

Not every piece of content will go viral and not every piece of work will become an instant bestseller. Even the best writers create content that fall flat or that doesn’t really get the traction they were hoping for.

But that’s ok.

Writing can be tricky to get right and audiences can be fickle. Not to mention that reaching your audience is never as easy as just pressing ‘publish’ and waiting for your millions.

So when that feeling of failure comes give this list a read and remember there are thousands of other writers feeling the exact same way as you do right now.

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One Macguffin Please

Why writing would be boring without mythical items, plot twists and things that make no sense.

Growing up I thought Power Rangers was one of the best shows ever but as time went by I started to realise there was a fairly common pattern to the episodes. This typically began with a new enemy appearing, the rangers failing to beat it, then they would find some mythical item or new way to merge their Zords (aka giant robots) and suddenly they’d be able to win.

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