Marketing Agencies Are Dead? Give Me Strength

I don’t very often rise to blog posts but today’s bait was too rage-inducing, too nonsensical that it didn’t seem right to let it pass by unchecked, lest it taint people’s minds with unreasoned biased ramblings.

The blog post that caught my attention was “The Death of the Digital Marketing Agency” by Logan Hall.

The first rule of any “X is dead” blog post is that the person writing it always has an agenda.  In Logan’s case his entire argument is formed around the concept that growth hacking is a superior model and lo and behold he works for a growth hacking agency.

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Cold emails and calls do work

In the past year I’ve spent more of my budget on the companies that cold emailed me than those who spent hours crafting targeted messages.

Every bit of my marketing training tells me that’s impossible and yet I can’t deny the fact that cold emails and calls do work. This week alone I’ve spent thousands on a company as a result of one email out of the blue and I spent nothing on companies I already knew.

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