About Me

I’m a former Head of Marketing who took far too long to get his own blog in order and is now trying to make up for lost time. The intention is that I’ll blog regularly about marketing, creativity and entrepreneurship although who knows where this crazy journey of rearranging the same 26 letters over and over will take us.

I am also currently accepting new freelance clients and available to discuss opportunities for consulting work in the areas of Marketing, SEO, PPC and Content Marketing. To discuss your project via a free no obligation chat, contact me on mike@mikeessex.co.uk.


When not working at my day job, or cramming words in a WordPress template I also write books. So far I’ve written five of the things, including the Tethered Twins trilogy of dystopian fiction and two guides on how to get freebies. You can find my books here.

I once convinced 500 companies to send me products for free simply by asking nicely. My proudest freebie was getting my entire Christmas for free, including a Christmas tree, food, and presents. It got me coverage on BBC News, TIME, USA Today and more.

I also frequently tell stage fright to do one by speaking at conferences about a wealth of marketing topics. You can find out more about where I’m speaking and book me to speak here. Because I can only be in one place at once I’ve also started creating video courses that anyone can watch any time.

For anything else you can also drop me an email on mike@mikeessex.co.uk, I read and reply to every one (unless you’re selling PPI).