Introducing the Free Mega Marketing Bundle

For the past few months I’ve been working hard on a marketing bundle that represents exceptional value. It includes videos, guides and a detailed breakdown of the marketing tools that changed my life all for the low low price of absolutely free.

Scroll down to grab it!


Marketing Videos: Get my top tips on how to get testimonials, get absolutely any project approved and track the metrics that really matter.

Marketing Questions Answered: I recently invited the marketing community to ask me anything they wanted. Questions came in thick and fast about marketing, communications, writing and more. In this guide I’ve compiled some of my favourite questions and my responses.

Over 200 Marketing Tools: A summary of the tools that I’ve used over the past decade to improve my marketing, including many tools that are completely free!

The Marketing Insider: My members only list of exclusive marketing advice and tips that I’ve never shared with anyone ever before.

You can sign up by completing the details below. You’ll get an email to confirm your details and then you’ll get instant access to all of the above. If you know someone else who would love this bundle then please let them know or share this with your followers:


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