What Clients Want

Based on over a decade’s worth of experience in agency and client-side roles and more than 100 interviews with people from both sides, What Clients Want is the definitive guide on how to keep clients happy.

What clients wantWhether you want to win new clients or make the most of your existing clients, What Clients Want will help you do more with less. You’ll discover the secrets behind how clients behave, the triggers that make them more likely to spend more and an insight in to what clients actually want (and what they don’t).

In this simple course you’ll benefit from the tricks and tips I have used for countless brands including two of the biggest companies in the world and many of the smallest. With my experience working within agencies and my time working as a client I’ve seen every scenario you could imagine and this course outlines my detailed solutions for the most common client problems (and some you may not expect!).

With short, punchy videos of 2-5 minutes, you’ll get insightful tips quickly in a way that fits around your day. Every video contains 100% actionable tips with something for everyone from the newest freelancer or agency employee to the experienced agency manager who has years of experience.

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